The school uses a number of therapies and therapists, which enhance the pupils learning and wellbeing. These include:

Occupational therapy, physiotherapy, music therapy, speech and language therapy

These are some of the therapies we use regularly. NOTE: in addition to these therapists, we also have visiting therapist who see some pupils.

Specialist occupational therapists - sensory integration

Provided by Jumpstart Therapy Centre - Ciara Mitchell & Maisie Hampell, Adriana Osborne

Sensory integration is a set of physical activities that help a child with sensory processing difficulties. These are tailored to each pupil and take place in class, in the S.I. rooms or around the school. These activities help a child become settled and ready to learn.

Speech and Language Therapists

Zoe Kara & Emma Jones

Zoe and Emma work with our pupils to develop their communication skills. They also work with teaching staff to develop their skills for working with pupils.

Joe Blythin, Jade Ford & Rose West

All staff are trained in Elklan, which gives them skills to understand communication and language development in children with special needs. Four of our staff trainers who have able to update staff training and support staff in the specialist areas of  autism and complex needs.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy

Physios: Jenna Curry & Ros Kettle

OT: Analin Hombre

Many pupils have physical disabilities or need for physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists and occupational therapists work with our pupils, assess them, provide equipment and advise staff on how to work with pupils.

Trauma Perspective Practice (TPP)

Jemma Eke & Graham Sandberg

Trauma Perceptive Practice (TPP) is the Essex approach to understanding behaviour and supporting emotional wellbeing. All staff at Oak View have TPP training and we also have three staff who are qualified to deliver training across our multi-academy trust (Epping Forest Schools, Partnership Trust).

We aim to support every pupil’s well-being and mental health. The TPP approach is to understand behaviour and support well-being, using the values of Compassion, Kindness, Hope, Connection and Belonging and is embedded in our school systems and practice.

Music Therapy

Anna Griffiths

Music Therapy is provided  for individual pupils based on their need.