School Structure

Senior Leadership Team


Tina Kearney

Assistant Head

Claire Moore

Assistant Head

Mark Terrell

Assistant Head

Graham Sandberg

Middle Managers

Joseph Blythin

Lower School lead and ELKLAN Trainer

Ross Burrell

Middle School Lead, Club Lead and School Council

Rose West

Upper school Lead and ELKLAN trainer


Lower School Teachers
Joseph Blythin
Shelley Newman
Monica Nicholls-Pupe
Geraldine Rose

Essex Steps trainer

Alicia Stamp Sweeney
Josh Nash
Middle School Teachers
Ross Burrell

Jemma Eke

TPP Trainer

Jade Ford

PMLD lead, Manuel Handling trainer, Elklan trainer

Claire Lloyd

Maria Nikolova

ELKLAN Trainer

Maria Rat
Upper School Teachers
Rose West

ELKLAN trainer

Andy Terrington

Eddie Turner

Site Manager

Clive Turner

Admin Team

Denise Cross; PA to the Head Teacher

Alison Miller: Finance

Kelly: Office

Tracey: Office

Lorraine: Office


Lianne Adams – ELKLAN (early communication) lead

Kojo Brefo – TPP Trainer

Kerry Soper

Marc Picard

Cover Supervisors

Feven Michael

Lisa Baldwin

Louise Martin

Annalisa Wiles

Terri Roberts

Donna Baker

Kayleigh Parrett

Chrissie howes

Maxine Williams

Charlie Brophy

Jessica Mace

Tilly Morris

Learning Support Assistants

Amy C

Shirley A

Tilly M

Aga L

Denise W

Yulia B

Nicky T

Chelsea C

Melissa K

Julie L

Dean M

Jennifer J

Sarah D

Sue C

Michelle P

Julie B

Imogyn N

Nicky C

Michelle L

Nancy G

Kim M

Justine S

Debbie D

Jacqueline D

Toni S

Pauline P

Michelle W

Baljinder M

Denise H

Sue S

Agga S

Anna D

Kerry J

Parminder M

Dawn B

Maite NC

Lucy C

Maisie H

Linda LR

Phoebe B

Samuel N


Tina Woolley; Kitchen Assistant