School Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher

Tina Kearney

Assistant Head

Claire Moore

Assistant Head

Hedy Nash

Assistant Head

Graham Sandberg

Middle Managers

Joseph Blythin

Lower School Lead

Jemma Bell

Middle School Lead

Rose West

Upper School Lead


Lower School Teachers

Joseph Blythin

Yellow Class

Josh Nash

Red Class

Designated Teacher for Looked After Children

Makaton Lead

Alicia Stamp Sweeney

Blue Class

Muddy Woods Lead

Claire Lloyd

Green Class

Sensory Story Lead

Monica Nicholls-Pupe

Purple Class

Music Lead

Geraldine Rose

Gold Class

PRICE Trainer

Middle School Teachers

Sam Jarvis-Taylor

Cherry Class

Maria Nikolova

Holly Class


Maria Rat

Olive Class

Shelley Newman

Oak Class

Teacher Educator

Jemma Bell

Orange Class

PRICE Trainer

PE Lead

TPP Champion

Lorraine Smith

Apple Class

Upper School Teachers

Jade Ford

Pine Class


Eddie Turner

Ash Class

Rose West

Willow Class

Hanna Poynter

Beech Class

School Council Lead

Site Manager

Clive Turner

Admin Team

Denise Cross: PA to the Head Teacher

Alison Miller: Finance

Kelly: Office

Tracey: Office

Dennise H: Admin