Other information

As well has a highly differentiated curriculum, at Oak View School we also use some specific strategies to support our pupils with their learning. These include:

Careers Information Programme

This is information about the careers programme that Oak View provide for our students. A bespoke package is put into place to support students on their transition to adulthood. This may include careers or college, depending on the needs of the pupil.

Preparation for college

Year 11 to 14 Students attend Harlow Collage weekly.

To prepare students for college admission, they are offered taster sessions at Herts & Ware College.

The curriculum

The curriculum prepares students for adult life including work life. This includes:

  • Grow Community and Organically, which are community based initiatives where students learn hortitcurture skills.
  • Continued learning relating to behaviour.

Work experience in house

  • bakery
  • café
  • shop
  • recycling

Community work experience

  • Hobbs Cross Farm
  • Epping Forest Council (decorating & maintenance)
  • Morrison’s (warehouse and shop floor).
  • Year 14 students have 1 week work experience at O C Tanner (local company).

Colleges and other agencies are available at a school open evening. If you would like to know more about the careers program, please contact…

The work experience is linked to pupils’ EHCPs, and through the EHCP, the progress is measured. Some pupils have a ‘personal progress’ record that assess their progress. The school sends out a survey to parents.

For more information about work experience and life after school, please contact:

Graham Sandberg, graham.sandberg@oakview.essex.sch.uk, 020 8508 4293

Rose West, rose.west@oakview.essex.sch.uk, 020 8508 4293

PE Grant Information

Physical development plays a very important part of the curriculum at Oak View School and we are committed to developing physical activities that are suited to our pupils’ needs.

At Oak View we recoginse that Physical Education for our pupils differs from the traditional PE, and that many pupils are on early learning or ‘pre-learning’ phases of PE and our priority is preparing them for PE. The grant is used to employ specialist occupational therapists who support our pupils with sensory integration by assessing pupils, and working with teachers to create and deliver sensory integration sessions. Each pupil has their own individual SI programme.


The PE and sport premium is £17,310 used in the following ways:

External Education Providers (Jump Start) – £16,648 Impact

5 a day fitness – £259

MOVE licence = £61,

PE equipment – £353


The plan is to use the grant to fund the Sensory Integration Programme again for this year.