Fireworks, Diwali and Interoception Curriculum!

Pupils created some stunning colourful artwork depicting fireworks across the sky in preparation for bonfire night. Other classes experienced virtual fireworks on their class white board,experiencing the sounds and visual effects of fireworks lighting up the night sky.

Across the school, pupils celebrated the Diwali festival of light. Here you can see the range of activities linked to the festival including pupils creating rangoli art, dressing in traditional costumes and making delicious treats to share.

Oak Views specialist occupational therapists Ciara and Maisie lead a weekly session in Olive class to introduce the pupils to the Interoception curriculum. The interoception curriculum provides a framework for building self-regulation, by sequentially teaching pupils to notice body signals and connect body signals to emotions. Recognition of body signals such as thirst, hunger can help pupils determine what action to take to promote comfort and well-being within their body.