Captain Tom’s 100 Challenge

The school had some fantastic and imaginative ideas for the Captain Tom 100 Challenge. The school has raised over £900 in sponsorships!  Thank you to everybody who donated so generously.

100 songs played on the piano.

100 pushes on the swing, 100 throws and catch with a ball, being helpful for 100 minutes, 100 rolls down a hill, 100 football kicks, 100 frisbee throws.

100 stories, 100 cars down a ramp, 100 bounces on the trampet, being silent for 100 seconds, throwing and catching the snake 100 times, writing 100 words, scooting up and down the garden 100 times, bouncing on the ball 200 times!

100 laps of the playground and 100 repeats on the gym equipment.

100 superheroes, 100 steps, 100 raisins, 100 passes with the ball and 100 laps in the field.

100 bubbles and 100 bounces.

1000 steps for Purple Class

100 chain links in the decorations.