Activites around school

Here are a variety of activities around school. Pupils collecting their lunches, leaving to communicate in differ social situations and with different people, other pupils are taking part in a question and answer session, where they are learning to communicate their ideas and feelings. Another pupil is getting ready to go to outdoor learning by reading the instructions. The final two are of a pupil listening to a story, practicing engagement skills, with the adult trying different ways to keep her attention, and the final part of a messy attention austism session.

Green class are taking part in an attention autism session where they have watched an adult carry out an activity and are now joining in wit hthe same activity.

Pine class are enjoying the Underpants Wonderpants’ story.

Willow class went to Hainault cafe…

Oak class are practicing their fine motor skills and matching skills.

Orange class are practicing their fine motor skills and also using their creativity to make whatever they want from sticks and play-doh. Pupils supported each over and communiated thei ideas.